If you don’t take the responsibility for something then someone will take it and whole story will be written by someone but not you!!!

Objective:-To work with maximum potential in Challenging and Dynamic environment, with an opportunity of working with diverse group of people and enhancing my professional skills and
experience for career growth.

I am Bhushan Chordia.

I am currently working as a AWS Developer in Brillio Technology in Bangalore. I did my schooling from Maharashtra. Then I moved to City called Nashik for my Graduation Degree. I did Bachelor’s in Electronics and Telecommunication from Pune Unniversity. Then I did Post Graduate Diploma in Mobile Computing from Bangalore. I have worked on AWS Services like EC2,EB,EMR,S3,Lambda,DynamoDB. I am Proficient in C, C++, Android, SQL/PL-SQL,Java, JavaScript, J Query, Node.JS

Adept Knowledge in Cloud Computing Tools:-

  1. Amazon EC2.
  2. Cloud watch.
  3. EB.
  4. DynamoDB.
  5. RDS.
  6. S3.
  7. CFT.
  8. Lamda.
  9. API Gateway.
  10. EMR.

Personal Attribute:-

  1. Continuous learning drive.
  2. Good Communication skill.
  3. Strong Interpersonal, Professionalism and Problem Solving skill.
  4. Organized Management, Leadership and Judgement skill.
  5. Good Aptitude.

Hobbies:-Calligraphy, Traveling, Sketching, Research, Trekking, Dancing and many more.

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